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We promise to speed up your business. Let your daily routine speed up. Focus on what you want to do with your review times




Cominication with your customers

Smart List with Alternative Cominication Channel




A few modules we designed for you.

Invoice Management

Manage all your invoices from a single application

With MedXRM application, you can generate your invoice instantly, provide discount and send it to any person by e-mail for the services and products that you provide during the examination.

Patient Registration

More successful diagnosis with patient stories analysis

Past complaints, diagnosis and treatment information about your patients, It allows you to produce new approaches. Manage your check examination for your patients.

Appointment Management

Use your time more efficiently

Plan your meetings and save your own time. Share your calendar with anyone and get ready for new opportunities.

Product & Service Management

Product Package for Campaging


App Pricing

Use the applications you need for your business so you don't spend unnecessarily.

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  • Patient Registration
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  • Dashboards
  • Appointment
  • Patient Registration
  • Examination Screen
  • Invoice Management
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  • Dashboards
  • Appointment
  • Patient Registration
  • Examination Screen
  • Invoice Management
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